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Read, respond and reflect: reading results in three steps.

Enhance Literacy is a targeted teaching and intervention program.

It will help you raise student achievement in three easy steps:


READ – Read short text with a small group 

RESPOND – Complete an activity

REFLECT ­– Reflect on lesson challenges and next steps

Developed in cooperation with Maria Uribe Ph.D, an
ELL expert and an award-winning educator, Enhance Literacy has a deliberate focus on sentence- and text-level activities – comprehension, fluency, and language development.


It offers instruction for English language learners and struggling readers in the knowledge that their needs are different, but they share a common goal: to succeed in literacy, in school, and in life.

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What teachers are saying ...

"It’s really hard to fall through the cracks with Enhance Literacy. The students who struggle with reading have accelerated doing this program."
"Our English language learners are motivated because of the texts."
"The audio helps students not lose their place or their engagement with the text –
it gives them confidence.
It’s really propelled them in their reading."
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