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Enhance Literacy is a targeted teaching and intervention program that supports teachers to develop comprehension, fluency and language development.

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It’s a two-part program made up of a Modeled Reading Kit and a Fluency Kit.


In the Modeled Reading kit, teachers model reading strategies that good readers use for comprehension.


In the Fluency kit, students have access to audio texts that help build vocabulary and demonstrate expression, accuracy and phrasing. 


All of the texts in the kits are high-interest, cross-curricular, and have incredible opportunities for language development.

We guarantee a program that is...




How Enhance Literacy can help you:

Features 120 short, high-interest texts and lesson plans, giving you 60–80 hours of instruction 


Academic and general vocabulary glossaries and graphic organizers will improve students' writing


Effectively bolster your ELL students with language support tools specifically for comprehension and fluency


High engagement with  cross-curricular texts in digital, print, and audio formats across levels L–V 


Focus on comprehension, fluency, and language development with targeted sentence and text-level activities


Use the progress monitoring tools to provide formative assessment

What teachers are saying

"My reading results and my teaching have dramatically improved."
– Glen
"My students have made a staggering leap in their reading ability."
– Kyran
"Enhance Literacy transforms student learning. It's a program that demands students reach higher levels of thinking while reading complex texts."
– Chaunte

Dr Maria Uribe Ph.D

Maria is co-author, with Sally Nathenson-Mejia, of Literacy Essentials for English Language Learners: Successful Transitions (Teachers College Press).

Maria was the 2014 University of Colorado, Denver Alumni of the Year award winner; 2007 Colorado Association for Bilingual Education President's Award winner; 2010 Principal of the Year; and 2013 Colorado Association for Bilingual Education, president's Award winner. She is a senior instructor at the University of Colorado, Denver. 

Maria was the principle reviewer and ELL advisor for Enhance Literacy and has also collaborated on the Pathways Aventuras bilingual chapter book series.

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